Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well hello there!

Aloha out there in interw3bz land, i am suddenly (and rather unexpectedly) another random Bloguer, added to the seemingly endless stream of narcissistic drivel so prominent in the places we take other peoples' opinions for our own. hooraaaaay

here in this blog you will find:
little to no heed for capitalization rules~!

a "proper use of their/there/they're"-only zone!

run-on sentances that will make your mind hurt and may require a tolstoy-esque timeline to get back to my original topic by the time you reach my haphazardly applied ending punctuation!

crafty shit!

i make a lot of crafty shit. or at least, i make plans to make crafty shit. 90% of it never gets finished because by the time i've got it all figured out i'm bored and have moved onto something else (see also: why i am going to become a design engineer). THEREFORE, to avoid wasting of all these lovely ideas i will henceforth be scanning my retarded and unprofessional schematics for your "enjoyment" and "inspiration" (whether these are derived from a genuine interest or a genuine satirical amusement is up to you) and posting them. here. or at least that's the plan (i might get bored with this too......)
if you don't like it then gtfo and stfu. looooove you


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